The yard is one of several companies that make up the Havyard Group. Havyard Leirvik is a leading company in the installation of marine emission reduction technology and will pursue an active role in the further work of reducing emissions in the shipping industry. The yard will also provide service, repairs and modification services. CEO Karsten Sævik explains that the yard, which in 2018 celebrated its 100th anniversary, was formerly also named Havyard Leirvik.

‘The yard is well known as Havyard, so it was natural to change the name back to Havyard Leirvik.’

Strategic location
The yard has a central location at the mouth of the Sognefjord, not far from Bergen, and is thus strategically placed in relation to the shipping industry. It has a roofed dry dock with good quay facilities and crane capacity, making it well-suited to operations in this market. In recent years, the yard has specialised in fitting out wellboats, electric ferries and service vessels for the offshore wind segment, but it also has long experience of work on other types of vessels.

 Available capacity 
Havyard Leirvik AS is scheduled to complete two vessels for the Danish shipping company Esvagt. They will operate as support vessels servicing offshore wind turbines and are vessels numbers 5 and 6 built for this customer. Two advanced wellboats for the shipping company Frøy are also on track for completion, and are also build numbers 5 and 6 for the same customer. The yard has developed important know-how in these types of vessels and will continue to provide services within these segments going forward.

Havyard Leirvik AS is ready to start modification, repairs and service work at the quay in parallel with its newbuild activity. The last newbuild will have left the dock in August 2021, and the yard will then also be able to provide services in its roofed dry dock.

 Front page photo: Havyard Leirvik – The shipyard by the Sognefjord. Photo: Håvard Breidvik