General meeting

The general meeting is the supreme body of Eqva ASA

The board strives to enable as many shareholders as possible to exercise their rights by participating at the company's general meetings, and make the general meeting an effective meeting place for shareholders and the board, among other things by ensuring that:

  • the notice of the general meeting is sent to shareholders at least 21 days before the general meeting is held, and made available via Oslo Børs' notification system and on the company's website at the same time
  • case documents provide sufficient information to enable shareholders to form an opinion in advance on matters to be considered
  • the registration deadline is set as close to the meeting date as possible, but no later than two days before the general meeting is held. Shareholders who have not registered can be denied admission to the meeting. 

The board of directors and the auditor are present at the general meeting.

All shareholders registered in the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS) receive notice of the general meeting, and are entitled to submit proposals and vote directly or by proxy. A proxy form is prepared and sent out together with the notice of the general meeting.

The company's Articles of Association allow for documents to be considered at the general meeting to be made available on the Company's website instead of being distributed with the notice of meeting. This also applies to documents that by law shall be included in or enclosed with the notice of the general meeting. Shareholders can nonetheless ask to have them sent. Case documents will also be published on

The general meeting shall approve the annual accounts, allocate profit/adopt coverage of loss, and consider other matters that are, by law or the company's Articles of Association, the business of the general meeting.

The company's Articles of Association do not contain any special provisions concerning who should chair the company's general meeting. In line with the provisions of the Public Limited Liability Companies Act, the general meeting is opened by the chair of the board, and the chair of the meeting is then elected by the general meeting.

The minutes of the general meeting are published in a stock exchange statement and made available on the company's website

2023 - Extraordinary general meeting

2022 - Notice of extraordinary general meeting