IR Contacts Eqva ASA

For matters concerning financial information, the primary contact is Chief Financial Officer Eirik Sævareid.

Company Disclosures

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Board of directors

Even Matre Ellingsen (Chairman of the Board)
Former Group CEO in Astrup Fearnley. Extensive board experience form both regulated and non-regulated businesses. 

Vegard Sævik (Board member)
Employed in Havila Holding and holds several board positions and is Chairman of the Board in Fjord1. 

Rune Skarveland (Board member)
CEO in Skarveland AS from '97/08' and held several board positions in property development, industrial and hydropower companies.

Ellen Hanetho (Board member)
20+ years of financial & strategic business development experience form HydrogenPro, MPC Energy Solutions and Goldman Sachs.

Anne Bruun-Olsen (Board member)
Senior Partner at Cushman & Wakefield Realkapital. 

Geir Nordstrand (Board member)
Employee representative.

Jan Olav Gjerde (Board member)
Employee representative.